Gold in confusion zone, stay away!

Published on: April 05, 2010 at 16:05

By Geena Paul
MUMBAI (Commodity Online): Confusion confounded. That is the apt description for the global bullion markets now. Talk of gold, you will get a bunch of positive advices from market analysts saying that Indian festival and wedding seasons are round the corner and the demand for the metal is set to go up in the coming days.

And gold production is not as much good as expected, so there will be a demand rise which will cause price gain. Then, the Chinese buyers who have been showing insatiable appetite for the metal during the past few months.

Then comes the negative stories. Some market analysts have already started hammering the gold market with their predictions that most of the Gold ETFs are just Ponzi schemes and big banks and cartels are doing a fraud on bullion market. They have obvious example to show with the recent Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) hearing opening a can of worms as far as gold market is concerned.

The hearing has brought to light the fact that there is no gold left in this world if all the Gold ETFs ask for physical delivery. And, if that happens only god knows what will be the gold prices in the coming months.

It seems the bullion analysts are as confused as the gold prices now. So, with the ETF scam hitting the market hard, most probably people are bound to stay away from that sector for now.

To add to that, Indian buyers are not very keen to purchase gold at present prices. This means even this year’s festival season and weddings may not see as much gold buying as in the previous years in India.
But, China is still going strong with its intentions to buy more gold.

Moreover, gold always under performed while the economic outlook brightens and industrial commodities tend to do well in this period. This is why silver has done well compared to gold, as it is used more for industrial purposes.

All over the world good news is pouring in that recession is a thing of the past now and most of the countries are on way to great recovery. India and China are doing extremely well and this will also hit gold prices.

Market researchers have also come up with the fact that the present gold fraud can bankrupt not just a few banks but entire countries along with their central banks. Prime in this network are the Bank of England and the FED reserve which have been caught on the wrong side.

So, at a time when the bullion market is throwing up only confusion, it is better for any prudent investor to stay away if you don’t want to burn your fingers in this trillion dollar scam.

Sumber : http://www.commodityonline.com/news/Gold-in-confusion-zone-stay-away!-27131-3-1.html


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